The Immortal Redneck – Your Mummy’s Shooter

To be honest with a title like Immortal Redneck, I wasn't expecting much to find Crema's indie shooter set in the Egyptian pyramids, but I was wrong, it has jagged edges and the production value isn't very high. Very But there's also a slick shooter game that rewards skill and speed above all.


The evidence is remarkably simple and absolutely insane. A narrow-minded man has fun in the Egyptian desert from a quad bike accident and finds himself stepping out of the coffin, his whole body wrapped in bandages. This is a rather odd version of Egypt, as it has many weird enemies like flaming little lizards and frustrated sheep, and about fifty different weapons to play with, most of which I'm pretty sure. The ancient Egyptians never had Unless our researchers have found a shotgun and grenade.

For whatever reason, your goals are pretty simple. Get into the bright guns and go up to the top of each pyramid to face the boss fight. Every layer of each of the three pyramids is randomly generated and every time you advance to the next level, enemies gain more health and do more damage. Every time you enter the room you will be trapped until everything dies simple.

It all comes down to the shoot itself, and here, Immortal Redneck gets better, taking cues from DOOM of how fast you move, Sprinting sends you darting around the map, while a sprint jump can hurl you. Go a long way Climbing is also a maneuver and there is zero damage, so you are free to leave yourself around the environment with abandon, which is convenient as you have a lot of control over the air and there are plenty of room to use. have Of vertical and floating platforms The controls are incredibly tight, responsive and accurate, even matched up to those found in DOOM 2016.Even the platform-building, which is the bane of most first-person shooters, feels great because you have a high level of control. Like this The only place where the battle doesn't hold as well is the weapons, which, although they are numerous and diverse. But it's not packed with punchy sound or visual punch.

Actually, the game has an amazing sense of movement, and that sense of speed and control translates into thrilling battling rhythms as you weave, jump, and poke through the levels while practicing. See enemies The cover is definitely important. Instead, the game constantly throws enemy barracks in your direction, mixing ranged mobs and melee fighters to force you to keep moving. It creates a fun and leap that goes back to the days of classic arcade shooters where precision and spatial awareness are king.

In the end, you will have to surrender to the bad guys, even if they are slowly passing through them. This is where the rogue-lite elements of the game come into play, as death just sees you stepping out of the coffin again. But with all the gold you collect From this tiny hub, you can go straight to the real skill tree and spend all your money on permanent stat upgrades, adding things like your health, attack value, critical attack speed, gold earning, and much more while you buy. Of trees will grow up to touch beautiful But upgrades are also more expensive, so Immortal Redneck is all about slowly setting your records in order to have a better chance of ascending the third pyramid.

Don't worry, this game isn't entirely heartless, as the mid-tier bosses of the pyramid will unlock coins that you can buy and equip to start from that level instead of the bottom one again. However, preparing one of these coins means giving up some useful coins that might bolster your statistics.

The incremental is a class in the form of bounty from the Egyptian gods that you can buy from the skill tree. These come with useful skills, passive abilities, different stats, and their own starting weapon.For example, Seth has a high attack value, an electric bubble that expands with his special moves and also comes. Equipped with a lovely tesla pistol by default that can hit multiple targets at the same time. By comparison, the Apis is a slow-moving tank class but has enormous defensive power.Short invincibility is his special and passive skill, which allows him to pull up four rounds of weapons instead of three, like the starter minigun, the revolver Woo. Spokes and hand grenades. He may be slow, but he has walls from the start. The only catch is that after rebirth, you can choose from one of two randomly chosen classes from the class you bought, forcing you to mix up a few things.

You'll get new weapons in the pyramids as well. The enemy will not leave them very often. But sometimes you will stumble across a treasure chambers, many of which challenge you not to get hurt or beat the time limit. There is also a scroll that can modify the game's hair.

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