How to develop a website for essay writing service

Essay writing services are very popular with students. The Essay Writer helps students submit top-quality essay projects and ensure excellent academic results. Students look for professional article writing services that feature a dedicated essay on their website to give them more time for assignments and other projects.


Express essay writing service can benefit writers and students at the same time. If you are interested in providing student writing services, website development should be the first step.

If you are considering launching an article writing website, this is what you need to consider.

1. Choose a domain name
A domain name is the name of your website that people search for or type in their browser to access your site. The title you choose for your article writing service site should be attractive, simple and relevant to the range of services you offer.

2. Choose a web hosting service
Next, you need to choose a web hosting service. Why would you want it? Any website has files that need to be stored on a server in order for your service to be accessible online. You have to pay monthly or yearly fees to any of these web hosting companies in order for your website to work.

3. Choose your website development platformNow is the time to choose a platform where you can build your website and design components. The best platforms are those with content management capabilities like WordPress or Joomla, as they don't require professional coding skills. Plus, it's easy to use and offers tons of free features that make your article writing site look unique and professional.

After you've decided on a platform, you can add the features you need for your article writing site. There are many features and components that you can use to create a hassle-free experience for your users and customers. This is an essential component of any website that offers professional article writing services.

4. Place an order and price calculator
The first thing your potential customers want to know is the prices for your writing services. Most of the users visit your website to purchase your products and view your rates. You can design add-ons for your homepage or customize the full page price calculator.

After visitors decide to use your essay writing service, they will need to submit a request. A call-to-action (CTA), such as the "Buy Now" button on the homepage, or a rate calculator can lead the customer to the order page. The order page should be clean and tidy with as few steps as possible so customers don't feel overwhelmed.

5. Payment method
This feature is also important as it is related to money. You need a secure and reliable payment gateway to avoid any future security issues. Another important factor is the use of a variety of payment methods to suit different users' needs and preferences. A reputable payment service such as PayPal gives users peace of mind shopping.

6. Customer Support
The main advantage of websites that sell products or services is excellent customer support. Customers are required to respond promptly to their questions. The first step is for them to contact you quickly and easily.

Just use the WordPress live chat plugin which will add a live chat window to your homepage which is easy to spot. The plugin has many features such as sending tickets and providing chat feedback.

7. User interfaceUser interface refers to the visual elements of a site that facilitate user interaction. Therefore, for any website that offers article writing services, the list should appeal to the young generation as it is primarily a target audience and potential customers.

Your homepage shouldn't be cluttered with unnecessary elements and images. The main goal of an effective user interface is to create a smooth user experience. The layout, menus, buttons, colors, and fonts are all important elements of a website that take into account the needs and interests of the target users.

8. Responsive design
With the widespread use of the internet on many desktops and mobile devices, you need to make sure your website is accessible through all of these devices. Responsive design uses flexible graphics and grids to make them flexible and usable on different devices, especially mobile devices.

Mobile-friendly website design ensures that potential customers can access your website on their smartphones and they don't have to go to their desktop computers to request articles. Will create a smooth user experience. The main purpose of writing a website article is to convince the target users to use the services that the website provides. It creates the first impression a potential customer makes about you and your service. Hence, you should check for complex web design files to create.

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