How to Prepare Yourself For SSB?

How to Prepare Yourself For SSB?


The benchmarks on which the applicants are assessed consist of intelligence, personality, compatibility, and capacity. As a end result, highbrow education holds prominence over physical guidance, despite the fact that body health may be an introduced advantage.


Unmarried graduates who clear the combined protection offerings examination with the assist of SSB education in Delhi accomplished with the resource of the united states get decided on for the SSB interview.

For Males : Born after 2d January 1991 and before 1st January 1996. In regards of Air Force Academy, it's miles necessary to born or after second January 1992 and earlier than 1st January 1996.

For ladies : Born after 2d January 1990 and earlier than 1st January 1996. Issueless widows or single can practice.

Qualification needed for the exam

Air Force Academy: B. Sc. Degree with Maths & Physics; B. Tech. And B.E.

Naval Academy:
Bachelor's diploma in Engineering.

Officers Training Academy and Indian Military Academy: Degree from a identified university or university.

SSB exam time table

The test of intelligence and persona for five days is as under:

Day 1: Intelligence Test

Day 2: Psychological Test

Day three & four: GTO activities

Day 5: Conference

A non-public interview may be performed any day among 2d and 4th days.

Tips to put together for the exam

How to Prepare Yourself For SSB?

Reach a day earlier than: Prepare your self for a 5-day time table of the SSB training. You need to attain an afternoon before the first day, whilst you may be briefed on details of the subsequent five days, code of conduct to be maintained, and so on.

Be assured: Maintain an assured and positive frame of thoughts and consider in your abilities. After all, you've got to come a protracted way from amongst lots of applicants.

First day: On the number one day of the time table, simple intelligence and verbal and non-verbal reasoning abilties are evaluated, you're asked to appearance an photo of thirty seconds duration and describe it in a tale shape. Later, group discussions are held in batches to select the most appropriate story.

To do properly on this segment, undergo a last few years' question papers to get an idea or take help from SSB education in Delhi. Clear up papers of different aptitude exams. Involve your self in GDS and debates on every occasion you get time. These will improve your verbal and non-verbal talents.

Practice writing & reading: Exercise writing approximately some thing you see, as an example, the boy playing within the park or the lady on a faculty bus. Write small stories and display your timing. The story wishes to encompass seven parameters which consist of intercourse, mood, age, character, beyond, present, and destiny of a state of affairs that the individual of your tale is in. Examine the tale.

Second day: The 2nd day is taken into consideration very vital. Thematic appreciation take a look at (TAT), phrase affiliation check (WAT), scenario reaction take a look at (SRT) and self-description are undertaken, all of this is part of the mental technique. These are all famous psychology exams that call on your big interest and awareness.

Personal interview: The officials can take interview everywhere in among 2nd and fourth day so get geared up for it.

Third and fourth day: The Group Test Officers (GTO) sports performed on the 1/3 and fourth days encompass diverse indoor and outside organization sports like employer dialogue, company obstacle race, corporation planning, and modern institution obligations. The person tasks embody person lecturette, character barriers and command tasks. Those exams are performed to assess you as a crew participant in various conditions as moreover as a man or woman.

In the cease, the board's announce the result.

Various matters to maintain in thoughts before GD consultation:

Do now not examine the officials at the same time as narrating your tale and really after finishing it.
Right body language needs to be maintained.
Do now not argue in the GD; allow others to talk, which include the weaker ones.
Watch for the proper time to region in the robust points of the tale that you have written.
Try and be actively gift within the dialogue in order that the officers take a look at you.
The psychologists look for the following matters:

Capability to self-observe
The purpose in lifestyles and resolution
Wondering and mentality regarding parents, the circle of relatives, pals, pals, teachers, and others.
The belief of ways your mother and father, the own family, friends, friends, instructors, and others examine you.

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