How Many Types of Commerce Courses Are There?

How Many Types of Commerce Courses Are There? is one of the most common courses among students. Almost every student goes for after completing the 12th. But, is not enough for you to have numerous opportunities and have a great career.

It is essential to choose the right professional course from the available courses after In this article, numerous job oriented courses after are given for you -

Course: Charted Accountant/Company Secretary

Once you complete this with the training you will get the best opportunities. You can work in India's big firms, companies, MNCs, etc. Your career will immediately reach a higher level of success.

After completing CA/CS, many other job opportunities are available for you. If you don't want to work as CA or CS you can grab the opportunity. Some of them are -

Investment Consultant - You can work as an investment consultant in a big financial firm. Your job mainly will be providing advice to the clients on the investment. Investment consultants also prepare a performance report for monitoring the client's investment.

Economist - you can become an economist after gaining years of experience functioning as CA/CS in various firms. For analysis and forecasting economic issue, government, rating companies, and financial institutions need economists.

Administrative Jobs - public sector undertakings like - GAIL, BSNL, BPCL, ONGC, etc hire students who have skills and expertise in the field. CA/CS students are perfect for the job in the public sector.

Course: Master of Commerce (

Students after completing pursue this course. All students don't go for CA or CS after completing graduation and believe it or not most of the students don't even try these courses or quit it after 2 or 3 chances. is the most common choice after there are many job opportunities available after doing -

Auditor - The auditor is more qualified compared to an accountant. After doing, as a fresher you can earn monthly Rs.25, 000 to Rs.30, 000. After having the experience you can earn up to Rs.1, 00,000.

Sales Officer
- you can work as a sales officer in a bank after getting the degree. Your main responsibility will be to get more and more customers to open accounts with the bank. The average salary of a sales office in a year will be Rs.2, 00,000 to Rs.4, 00,000.

Loan Officer
- if you want to do a less frantic job after completing the graduation in commerce, you can become a loan officer. The loan officer is also called a credit officer. The monthly average income of a loan officer will be Rs.15, 000 to Rs.20, 000.

- it is one of the most common career choices after completing You can get a job in an accountancy firm as a senior or junior accountant. The average yearly income of senior accountant is Rs.2, 00,000 to Rs.3, 00,000 and junior accountant earns Rs.100000 to Rs.150000 yearly.

Government Jobs
- you don't have to choose a private job, you can go for government jobs after doing Central and State Government, both offer banking jobs to the citizen of the country. The most famous one is the bank PO or probation officer. The salary of Bank PO of SBI is estimated as Rs.40, 000 monthly with allowances.

These are some job oriented programs that can take you to the best career path. You can get to the top positions in top companies. You just need to work on so your thoughts while you select the courses. You should have the right and precise knowledge of the filed that you choose.

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